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וגם כתבי יד של רבנים ואדמורי''ם וראשי ישיבות

ספרים עם הקדשות המחבר ספרי חסידות דפוס ראשון

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We accept your good old seforim if they are in good condition.

 From one sefer to a large library. We will also travel to pick it up.

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Hundreds of Antique and out of print seforim in all subjects

וגם הגדה של פסח חדשים גם ישנים

Hundreds of Haggados in stock,


Very unique Ephemera ~ Antique Judaica documents,

New Year Cards, Wedding invitations, Interesting broadsides, Prayer Sheets, Charity signed receipts.



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" עולם הספרים "

בית מלא ספרים חדשים גם ישנים ~ ספרים שאינם בנמצא



מכתב הגאון ר' אברהם שפירא אב''ד קאוונא בעל דבר אברהם $1300 

מכתב האדמו''ר מהוסיאטין זצוק''ל $10000כולו כתב ידו

Letters from the Biala Rebbe, Kapitzchnitz

A letter from Hatzadick Reb Yisrael Oddesser the founder of the Na Nach Breslov movement detailing his dire poverty  $2500 ר' ישראל אודעססער      




GRAND RABBIS OF THE CHERNOBYL DYNASTY אדמור״י מלכות בית טשערנאביל

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GRAND RABBIS OF THE CHERNOBYL DYNASTY אדמור״י מלכות בית טשערנאביל

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אדמור״י מלכות בית טשערנאביל


אדמור״י מלכות בית טשערנאביל GRAND RABBIS OF THE CHERNOBYL DYNASTY Illustrated!: ENGLISH-HEBREW VG CONDITION, HARDCOVER, FOLIO, IN SLIPCASE ספר אדמור״י מלכות בית טשערנאביל : יותר משלוש מאות תמונות של האדמו״רים הצדיקים אשר חטרו מגזע רבותינו הצה״ק ... מטשערנאביל יותר מ300 תמונות של האדמו"רים הצדיקים אשר חטרו מגזע רבותינו הצה"ק מטשערנאביל זי"ע. וצילומי חתימת יד קדשם וכל ההסכמות שכתבו ונתנו על הדפסת ספרים. וכן .ראשי פרקים מתולדותיהם ואילני משפחות מיוחדות ומפות של כל הערים שהיו מקומות מגוריהם Chernobyl is a Cייsidic dynasty that was founded by Grand Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky, known by the name of his work as the "Meor Einayim" (meaning "vision", lit. "the light of the eyes"). The dynasty is named after the Ukrainian town of Chקrnobyl, where Rabbi Nachum served as the maggid ("[communal] preacher"). Rabbi Twersky was a student of the Baal Shem Tov (the founder of the Hasidic movement) and his pupil and chief disciple the Maggid of Mezritch. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Hasidic movement. His book Me'or Einayim ("Light [of One's] Eyes"), comprising insights on the weekly Torah portion, reflects his proclivity to Kabbalah. It has gained widespread acceptance as one of the major works and foundations of Hasidic ideology. Rabbi Menachem Nachum Twersky was succeeded by his son, the Rebbe Mordechai of Chernobyl -- also known as the Chernobyl Magid. Throughout his life, Rabbi Mordechai collected large amounts of money for tzedakah (charity), but before his death, he regretted not collecting even more than he did. His thoughts, sermons, and discourses were published in his book Likutei Torah, which was praised for its holiness by other Hasidic leaders. Throughout his teachings, Rabbi Mordechai stressed the importance of pure speech and pure thought as a condition for a proper prayer connection. He also spoke of including all Jewish souls in one's prayer, even evil people. By doing so, evil people will stand a better chance of repenting (teshuvah). Rabbi Mordechai was succeeded by his son Rebbe Aaron of Chernobyl, as his successor in Chornobyl. All of Rebbe Mordechai's eight sons became rebbes in different cities. The Chernobyl dynasty includes the rebbes of Chernobyl, Cherkas, Turisk, Talne, Korestchov, Makarov, Skver, Rachmastrivka, Malyn, Hornosteipl, Machnovka, Ozarnetz, and several others.Chernobyl Hasidism as a movement survived the ravages of the Holocaust, although many of its members perished. There are many scions of the Chernobyl dynasty alive today. Generally, at present, anyone with the last name Twersky (or Twerski) is likely to be a descendant of the Chernobyl dynasty.293 pages

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