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The ultimate and exquisite Yiddishe gift is, a rare antique sefer or a letter from a Gadol.

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מטבעות פדיון הבן למכירה וגם לפדיון נפש


ספרים חדשים גם ישנים ספרים עתיקים  ספרי קבלה

וגם כתבי יד של רבנים ואדמורי''ם וראשי ישיבות

ספרים עם הקדשות המחבר ספרי חסידות דפוס ראשון

ספרים דפוס סלאוויטא זיטאמיר

מטבעות לפדיון הבן

חלפים לשחיטה סוג מילר


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We accept your good old seforim if they are in good condition.

 From one sefer to a large library. We will also travel to pick it up.

We have in stock thousands of seforim and are getting new items every day, therefore we cannot update the newer items online. Please email us with all your requests. All emails are read and answered promptly. You won't be surprised that we have that Sefer you were searching for high and low.


Hundreds of Antique and out of print seforim in all subjects

וגם הגדה של פסח חדשים גם ישנים

Hundreds of Hagados in stock,


Very unique Ephemera ~ Antique Judaica documents,

Antique New Year Cards, Old Wedding invitations, Interesting broadsides, Prayer Sheets, Charity signed receipts.



Buy a unique gift of history

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" עולם הספרים "

בית מלא ספרים חדשים גם ישנים ~ ספרים שאינם בנמצא



מכתב הגאון ר' אברהם שפירא אב''ד קאוונא בעל דבר אברהם $1300 


Letters from the Biala Rebbe, Kapitzchnitz

A letter from Hatzadick Reb Yisrael Oddesser the founder of the Na Nach Breslov movement detailing his dire poverty  $2500 ר' ישראל אודעססער      



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seforim published by Mekitze Nirdamin / ספרי מקיצי נרדמים

seforim published by Mekitze Nirdamin / ספרי מקיצי נרדמים

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seforim published by Mekitze Nirdamin
We have over 50 editions for sale please ask


Mekitze Nirdamim Society (“Rousers of th ose who Slumber”) A set of hundreds of volumes from 1864 to the 1990s of the important publications of the Mekitze Nirdam im Society . Founded in Lyck (Eastern Prussia) in 1864, Chevrat Mekitze Nirdamim was set up to publish scholarly editions of all genres of medieval Hebrew literature. The books were generally printed from previously unpublished manuscripts. As its nam e implies, it provided access to works that were unavailable and had lain ‘sleeping for hundred s of years’. The Society was run by an advisory board that inclu ded Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler (London), M Sachs (Berlin) and S D Luzzatto (Italy). In 1865 Si r Moses Montefiore became involved and this provided a boost to the Society. After a decade of activity there was a pause till it re-established itself in Berlin 1885 under the direction of Abraha m Berliner and Harkavy. It was here that the series, Kobetz al Yad was initiated and this focused on the publication of smaller manuscripts. We have over 50 editions for sale please ask

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